Welcome to Silver Wolf Designs

Welcome to Silver Wolf Designs. On this blog you'll find lots of great digital artwork from tubes to kits and more, as well as homemade arts & crafts. Currently, SWD is focusing on digital art...but when other new stuff comes up, it'll be posted, so you'll know when new stuff comes out.

Q. What is SWD?

A. Silver Wolf Designs is an ongoing project that has great potential for expansion in the areas of arts and crafts. SWD deals not only with content that is all my own making, but also kits and tutorials I make featuring others' works and show here with their permission.

Q. Can I get involved?

A. Definitely! The more the merrier, after all, art is meant to be shared :). You can follow on Google+, Facebook, and by email. SWD wants to hear from you!

Q. Is the stuff on your blog free?

A. Some is and some is not, depending on what it is. My materials are currently FTU (see the Terms of Use), but my eventual goal is to have both FTU and PTU and/or CU items.

Q. Can I get in touch with other sites from here?

A. Yes. Just go to the Resources section on the left sidebar.

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Jun 19, 2017

SWD Supports IZEA


Jul 26, 2015

Helping the Better Living Fund

Hi, Creators!

As some of you may know, I started a GoFundMe fund because I live on a very low fixed income, and cannnot often afford alot of the basics.  So, I started the Better Living Fund.  I am connecting SWD to the fund, and am planning to post artwork both past and present there, and put the links there for folks to find my blog here.  

Cool, eh? :)

So here's what I'd LOVE to see.  Those who know and like my work, please spread the word and linkage.  If you aren't familliar with me, check out my work, and please, feel free all of you to comment, email, G+ me, all that good stuff, so I can get new ideas :).

Thanks to all of you for your love and support!

Silver Wolf

Nov 14, 2014

I Assure You, We're Open ;)

Well, it's official, guys. SWD is back at running speed and ready for the holidays (hopefully). So, this is a prime time to get your blinkies and l ogos and work seen. You can email me if you wish to have it displayed, click here to get more information.

Happy Creating, all, and it's so good to be back!

Oct 30, 2014

Nearly Complete!

Greetings, Art fans :). It's been a longer construction time than I had hoped, and my wifi has been spotty, so I haven't been able to make a lot of the changes I wanted before the 27th, much less before Halloween. But, it's nearly done. The blogs will be easier to navigate, with handy pages and ways to interact, such as Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. 

So...here's to a new year filled with creativity and fun!

Oct 12, 2014

More Ch-ch-changes

Greetings All!

SWD is growing!  I am making a new blog, with the tags, images, tubes, and other things that I make for personal use.  This blog will henceforth carry news, updates, and new item links. 

The transition will be smooth, and as I posted before, should be finished by the end of this week (Oct. 19th or so). I will post an update when all is finished, here as well as on SWD on Facebook.

I am asking that everyone spread the word about my work here, and let's see how many people arrive :).I would like to see this project go further, and you can help!  Please, tell your friends, family, or anyone who loves artwork and PSP/AS/PS, etc.

Happy Creating as always, and Bright Blessings!.

Oct 11, 2014

Some Rearrangement

Greetings, all!

I hope everyone's fall season is starting well.

There will be some rearrangement of the latest posts. I am in the process of re-uploading both older and new images so they can be downloaded.  This change should be complete by about Oct. 17th. 

There are even more new images coming soon...pspimages as well as tube files. Check it out!

Feb 1, 2010


Greetings, Everyone!

I'm letting you all know that this blog is undergoing some changes.  The same images will be available, plus a few NEW ones!  Unfortunately, due to some reorganization being necessary, I must go thru each one and change ALL of the download links and preview images...but this is an improvement, so please, be patient while the changes are taking place.  Preview images will now be more visible with a grey & white background that will allow darker images to show up better on the black background of my pages (something I've been meaning to do forever, and just now have gotten around to doing), and things will look a bit neater as well.  Also, the Doghouses will be available in a set, rather than having to get them one at a time...another improvement! :)

I hope you al enjoy the new changes and look of my blog, and be sure to visit often as I plan to be creating more new images/tubes for you all to enjoy and use.  As always, please see my TOU for proper usage and crediting.

Silver Wolf

Dec 28, 2009

And The Award Goes To......

It's the Gorgeous Blog Award...and I've chosen five blogs that I think are just plain awesome!  Great job, you guys, keep 'em going! :)

How can YOU give out this award?  The rules are very simple:

Put the name and link of who gave you this award on your blog.
Then pass it on to 5 blogs which you think are AWESOME!

Oct 24, 2009

Tutorial - Working with Tubes

Working with Tubes

This tutorial is copyrighted to Silver Wolf @ Silver Wolf Designs. You may print it out for personal use only. You may not distribute it via any medium, nor claim it as your own. Any similarity to other tutorials online or otherwise is strictly coincidential.

The tubes in the screenshots used in this tutorial are from the Paint Shop Pro 9 Picture TubeTool, and come with the program.

Before going to the Picture Tube Tool, add a New Layer.

So you want to use a tube on your project. Tubes are a great tool, but there are a few things about them that can be a little confusing. Some tubes are made all on one layer (merged), and others are multi-layered. Some people make 'tubes' by making a .pspimage with each image on a different layer on a transparent background. (NOTE: If they are in your Picture Tube folder they should all be on a single layer but but there can be multiple tubes on that layer in a grid). If there are multiple layers you won't see it when you use the Picture Tube tool. You would need to open a New Image, and with the images you want to tube, apply each one to the transparent background and resize so they are all about the same size, making sure to space them as evenly as possible, go to File / Export / Picture Tube... and and fill in the box that pops up, after arranging the images in a grid (ie: 3x2 then Merge Visible).

When using the Picture Tube Tool in PSP, and you pick a tube from the choices, you don't know if it's a single image, or one of several choices because it doesn't actuallyopen the tube as an image in your PSP. What to do to make sure you're using the one you want and not just one of a variety? If it's a single image, then obviously there's no problem, simply Copy and Paste it into your tag. If it's one of several choices, you click once to place it and get one of the choices, click again and it's a different choice! What do you do now?

If it's a tube from your Picture Tube Tool in PSP, your best bet is to go into your PSP Picture Tube folder, and find the tube, then open it in PSP. Here's how:

1. Go to your Start Menu (or Windows Explorer), and go to My Computer > C drive (or wherever your programs are) > Jasc Software folder > Paint Shop Pro (whatever version you use) > Picture Tubes, and open that folder.

2. Choose the tube you want to use, and open it in PSP.

If it's a tube stored in one of your own folders (like My PSP Files):

1. Go to the folder where your Tubes folder is, and find your Tube.

2. Choose the Tube you want, and open it in PSP.

NOTE: After you've opened the desired tube into PSP, be sure to check your Layer Palette to see if it's single or multi layered. If it's a true Picture Tube it will be one layer whether it's a single image or multiple images on a single layer.

OK, now you have your tube opened in your PSP. Time to get the one you ant. Let's get started!

1. If there are multiple tubes on one layer, use your Selection Tool or Freehand Tool and select the tube image you want, then then right click on the top bar of the Tube image and choose Copy or press Ctrl + C.

2. Paste it as New Leyer on your tag. Again, if you want to be double sure, Copy and Paste as New Image first.

NOTE: When closing out your tube image, be sure to click No when it asks you if you want to save the changes to it.

That's it, you're done!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions, you may contact me at silverwolfden@att.net. Please put "Question re Working With Tubes Tut" in the Subject line. This tutorial was written on 10/22/09 by Silver Wolf Designs. I want to thank Kaye @ Kaye'z Designz for her input and guidance.

Oct 12, 2009

Terms Of Use (TOU)

Last updated October 12, 2014
*I reserve the right to update/revise these terms at any time.*


I reserve the right to update/revise these terms at any time.


You MAY:

1. You may share these items with friends, resource link groups, or in tuts, but please keep the file names intact, provided you do not claim the work as your own.
2. Use them in tags, sigs, or not-for-profit projects. 
3. Save them to your hard drive so long as the filenames are kept intact.
4. Use my images in groups that are free (such as learning groups, or sharing groups) so long as the proper copyrights credit is given, even if your group does not enforce CR rules. You may do this by placing a text link, or  my Blinkie.


1. Place these items on any other site, or sell them in any form (for the only exception to this see my 'note for tutorial writers' and my 'charities & not-for-profit' notes below).
2. Hot-link to my screenshots, or files. If you share them through
sharing groups please use a text link to the relevant page, or save the zip files to your hard drive and make your own preview images.
3. If you use any of these items to create tags, stationery, or web pages etc. I do NOT require that you include my copyright (but a mention or something would be nice :)).

*Note for charities, not-for-profit sale, or other projects used for non personal gain*

If you wish to hold a charity event, auction, etc, please email me for written permission. You will have to provide a link to your charity or organization, email me at wolfdenart@gmail.com.

*Note for tutorial writers* 

If you use my work in your tutorial, please give proper credit in the tutorial. Please do this by placing the proper copyright information and a link to my site here (in case people want to download the images themselves). You as the tutorial writer may download my images for your tutorials. You are free to use my masks, presets, tubes, gradients, scrap and brushes in your tutorials and you may include them in a supplies download within the tutorial. A link, or a mention is appreciated, but not essential (unless your group or just you requires proper copyright information).


Tutorials are made for people to learn from, so please do not script them, save for personal use only.

You MAY:

Use my tutorials for personal, non-commercial/not-for-profit use only. You may use a text link to the tutorial (for example; if your site gives resource links). You may print them if you wish. 

PSP groups are welcome to use a text link to my tutorials, you do not 
have to write for permission.

Save them to your hard drive for personal use.

Please feel free to add your own touches to what you create(creativity is, after all, the point :).). The creations that you make from doing my tutorials are yours, to use in any way that you want; you don't have to write asking my permission to use them.


Alter, reword, take apart, or in any way change the tutorials as they are. You are free to make variations for personal use.

Claim them as your own. They are copyrighted to me and Silver Wolf Designs.

Hotlink to any of the images, including title headers. Text links to my site are permitted.

Share my tutorials by copying and and pasting them into emails.

Sell my tutorials in any way or form, in part or in whole, unless with written permission for not-for-profit or charity sales.

Place these items on any other site, or sell them in any form (for the only exception to this see my 'note for tutorial writers' and my 'charities & not-for-profit' notes below).


Unless an image carries the copyright symbol ( © ), it is not my original work. If it carries only the words "Silver Wolf Designs", "Tagged by Silver Wolf (or 'Silver Wolf Designs'", or "Silver Wolf Tags", it is not mine to give.

If you have any questions, or are in doubt about any of the terms, please contact me at wolfdenart@gmail.com for help. For crediting, please use:

© Silver Wolf Designs

or use the direct link:

Feel free to save these Terms of Use to your hard drive in a folder where my work is kept.
I would love to see your creations! You may email them to me if you wish. :) I hope you enjoy my artwork, and thank you in advance for abiding by these Terms.

Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf Designs